I am a User Experience Architect with over 17 years experience designing web and software applications for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. For the last 12 years I have focused on user experience design, architecture and interaction design. In addition, 8  of those years I have spent in UX team leadership and management. I am passionate about solving business problems by putting the user in the center of the process. I enjoy providing leadership and mentoring talented user experience design professionals.

Responsive and Adaptive in an Ecommerce World

There has been much debate recently around responsive design and ecommerce. Still much of the ecommerce world is working in the fixed width column because page load time is king and has the most visible relationship to conversion. Many of us UXers working in ecom have seen the study published by Walmart that shows for every second reduction in response time, there is 2% increase in conversion. This study is one weapon in our toolkit to pull out while arguing with our creative department when they are delivering images 200k larger than necessary with effective compression techniques.

Lean UX Manifesto Review

I enjoy reading about other professionals' experiences and the methods they use in their UX processes.

Article: Lean UX Manifesto: User Principle-Driven Design

Design Responsively

A few years ago, the responsive movement broke out as one of the primary solutions for the mobile web problem. For a while, it became the ultimate solution as it didn’t have any inherit and difficult to solve problems that mobile only sites had. One bank of code to maintain and all external links back to the site was solved with CSS and not redirects. Yes, there are limitations, but as a general solution, it is worthwhile as a potential solution path.