Lean UX Manifesto Review

I enjoy reading about other professionals' experiences and the methods they use in their UX processes.

Article: Lean UX Manifesto: User Principle-Driven Design

The Lean UX Manifesto is a well thought out and interesting article. When working towards such a system, there are roadblocks along the way. When working with agile teams, we must often pull ourselves out of the "Just in Time" UX design that focuses on stories and features. As many in our industry have found, the Agile UX practices tend to lead to inconsistent user experiences, changes in pattern libraries, and a failure to take into account the holistic design of a large applications. We find ourselves performing just-in-time design for features in order to deliver to the agile teams. Even if you are fortunate to have a well-developed UX team in place, consistency is still a challenge. In steps Lean UX. At its core, Lean UX requires you to have some foundational elements in place such as a well flushed out style guide and pattern library. A strong relationship between business, development, UX and UI team members are essential.

At its foundation, Lean UX is an ideal process. The elimination of documentation in favor or iterative MVP design is the future of UX. Getting an MVP in the hands of our users provides the best learning for UXers. Some companies are investing fully into this methodology such as Carmax. They will very likely take the online car shopping industry to new levels. Other e-commerce companies seem to be just discovering what UX is, much less the value of investing in a lean methodology. As our industry continues to grow in our maturity, it is vital for us to be ambassadors of our profession and constantly strive to guide our organizations to grow into design driven development methodologies.